2017 Grand Pacific Results

The Grand Pacific Championships Concluded on July 29th. Spokane Gun Club put on a great shoot! The targets were set great, just look at these scores!

Washington Shooter Grand Major Accomplishments!

  • Josh Tiegs Broke a 99 from the 27 yard line to be Event #2 Handicap Champ!
  • John Mullins broke a 100 straight in Event #9 doubles and then followed it up with a 100 in Event #10 handicap! He didn't miss all day! 
  • Rusty Bunn also broke a 98 in Event #10's Handicap Winning Mid Yardage!
  • Pat Manyon broke a 97 in Event #12's Handicap to C/O 21-22.5 yardage! He then followed it up with another 97 in Event #14's Handicap!
  • Lee Bailey broke a 99 in Event #14's Handicap from the 21.5! Lee Also followed up with a 97 in Event #16's Handicap to win Senior
  • Gage Wade-Huber won HAA Sub-Junior with a 386!
  • Jim Bradbury won C class in 28 gauge singles! Jim also was in a shoot off in Event#6 for C class Singles and Broke a 96 in Event#16's Handicap!
  • Tom Rock won Event #16's Handicap 23-24.5 yardage group with a 98!
  • Jennifer Annex won Ladies in Event#9 Doubles!
  • Le Rodenberg took Senior in Event #9 Doubles!
  • Tom Gray won Event #3 Doubles With a 97!
  • Tom Alsteen won Class D Championship Singles And HAA!
  • Marion Dukes won HAA B Class with a 384!

PITA Grand Results, Click!

Big Yak Results!

The results are in for the Big Yak. It started with a bang with Gage Wade-Huber winning Event #1 AA class singles with a 100 in a shoot off. In Event #2 handicap both Brayden Lee-Hines and John Adams broke 97s to top the charts. In Event #3 doubles Greg Miner and Gale Hogue also tied with 97s for top scores. The Joe King blanket singles was topped by Jon Thompson,Greg Miner, Rick White, and Adam Ralstonn, all breaking 100.The Blanket Team  was won by Rusty Bunn, David Teesdale, John Adams, Bob Mclendon, and Billy Bialkowsky for a total score of 488. The Buckle Team was won by Charles Stivers, Craig Manchester, Gerald Moro, Brian James, Glen Lowrie for a total of 483. In the last event, Gale Hogue was top dog with a 95 wining long yardage. Click the results below to see all the winners!

​2017 Big Yak Results, Click!​

2017 Black Diamond June Shoot Results

What a shoot! Over the weekend Black Diamond had one of the largest turnouts this year so far at their annual June shoot. Chuck Stacey also celebrated his 50,000th target amid much fanfare. Not only was the club in tip top shape, but so were the scores. Both Chuck Stacey and Jon Thompson broke 200 straight in both singles! Talk about a 50,000th target to remember!​​

Besides those two hot dogs, In Event #1 Marion Dukes, Robert Falaski, Jennifer Anex, and Stephen Cherry broke a 98 to tie B class, while Lori Kuhns was the sole 99 to take C class. In Event #2 Grant Lau, Robert Dickinson and Kaden Bumstead all broke 94 to take long, mid, and short yardage respectively. In Event #3 Rusty Bunn, and Rodger Tiegs both broke 97s to take A class. Event #4 was the special 28 gauge event Topped by Russell Bunn shooting a 46/50. Event # 5 Singles was of course topped by Chuck Stacey and Jon Thompson with 100s. Art Moore followed with a 99 and John Gustafson brought up the rear with a  98. The final Event #6 Handicap was topped by Warren Jones with a 93 for mid yardage, Mark Rensi shot a 91 to win short, and Scott Moore/James Klingele tied with a 90 to top Long Yardage. Great turnout and shoot Black Diamond, don't miss the August shoot 18th-20th! 

2017 Black Diamond June Shoot Results, Click Here!

​​​​​2017 Washington State Jr. Program

Jr. and Sub-Jr. Shooters take a look! The new Jr. program is out with great benefits for youth shooters including a $3,000 purse and $1,000 in Y-E-S scholarships. For questions in regards to the program, please contact Rudy Martinak or John Abbott

Click Here to View!​​​

Seattle Skeet and Trap's September Shoot Results

Rusty Bunn pulled way ahead at SST and took HOA champion by an astounding 35 birds.Great Shooting! Robert Davis topped Event #1 singles with a 99. Richard Fulton took the top score in Event#2's Handicap. Rusty Bunn Took A class with a 95 in Event #3 doubles. Greg Miner followed it up in Event #4 doubles with a 91 to take the top space. In the final Handicap Rusty Bunn came out on top again with a 94. 

2017 SST September Shoot Results, Click!

Lars Sundt

It's with a heavy heart that we announce that long time shooter and friend of the PITA Lars Sundt passed away on January 12th, 2018. He will be missed. Services will be held at Evergreen Funeral Home on Sunday, January 28th at 2pm. A link to his Obituary can be found below.

Lars Sundt Obituary, Click​

Jimmy Ljutic

We are sadden today to learn about the passing of Jimmy Ljutic. From everyone here at the WSPITA, we offer his family and friends our condolences. We will be posting more about funeral arrangements as they become available.   

2018 Evergreen Spring Shoot Results

The shoot results for Evergreen's Spring Shoot are in. In Event #1 singles, Doug Reimers broke the top score of 98 winning B class. In Event #2 handicap, Dean Vannostern was top dog with a 90 to win mid yardage. Doug Reimers again broke the top score in Event #3 doubles with a 90. Don Williamson came out on top in Event #4 singles with a 97. In the final event, Craig Levee broke a 90 in handicap to top the charts. Take a look at the results below.

​2018 Evergren Spring Shoot Results, Click!​

******2017 Washington State Shoot Results!******

The state shoot results are in! A huge thanks to all our advertisers, sponsors, volunteers, trap help, and Evergreen Gun Club for making this event possible!

 Our State Champions for this year are listed below. Congratulations to all winners! For a complete list of winners please see the attached trophy list.​​

​2017 Washington State Shoot Trophy Report, Click!

2017 Washington State Shoot Payout Sheet, Click!

2017 Gig Harbor Seafood Shoot

The 2017 Gig Harbor Seafood shoot program is here! Come out for some great shooting and outstanding food! Every year the turnout is great and we think that might have something to do with what they're serving for dinner.

2017 Gig Harbor Seafood Shoot Program, Click!

2017 Bremerton Gold Mountain Shoot Results

John Mullins and TJ Main were neck and neck for the HOA. John Mullins pulled away by one bird to win Champion HOA. Jon Thompson tops event #1 singles with a 99 followed by Lee Bailey (98). John Mullins won event #2's 200 bird handicap with a 185. Event #3 singles was topped by TJ Main with a 99, TJ also took event #4 handicap with a 92. John Mullins won the final event with a 99 in doubles! 

2017 Bremerton Gold Mountain Shoot Results, Click Here!

2018 Continental League

The 2018 Continental League has come to close over the last weekend and it was a great year! While not a PITA event, there are plenty of familiar PITA faces. For those  of you that don't know, the Puget Sound Continental League is a yearly 800 bird (drop your lowest score) weekly league spanning from January to March. The 800 birds are modified trap (17 yard line, faster with height variation) shot at eight different gun clubs through the league. Your top 7 scores count making it a total out of 700. Most shooters also shoot for a team, often their local club. Each shoot has around 25 squads and breakfast/lunch is served.

Past WSPITA president John Mullins was top dog shooting 693/700. Jennifer Anex won Ladies HOA. Top affiliated team (meaning their club hosted a shoot during the league) was Black Diamond Gun Club (John & Jeremy Gustafson, Pat Manyon, Angelo Herrera, Mark Levine ). Top Unaffilated team (no shoot hosted) was Team Squad 3 (John Mullins, Doug Larson, Doug Tenzler, Mike Okano, Jeff Vanwagner). 

2018 Continental League Results, Click!​

2017 Spring Yak Results

This year's spring yak was a great success! Take a look at the link below to view the shoot results. Rick White Won the HOA Champion, Jon Thompson took A class, John Simmons B, Jess Matthews C, and Cliff Nelson D HOA. Joe Mills broke the top score in Event #2 Handicap with a 96. Both Adam Ralston and Lyle Birch broke 96s in Event 5 Handicap to take short and long yardage respectively. Congratulations to all the winners! 

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2018 Spring Yak Results

The shoot results for Spring Yak are in. Take a look below to see the full results. Some highlights are: Tim Hodges breaking a 100 in Event #1 Singles to win A Class. Jan Jensen and Ronald Hull both broke 92s to Top Event #2 Handicap. Joe Mills and Matthew Miller also topped the charts with 93s in Event #3 Doubles Matthew Miller followed up in Event # 4 Singles with a 99 to top B class. James Turnbull and Bob Woof also broke 99s to win SV and VT respectively. Event # 5 Handicap was led by Jeff Mitchell breaking a 93. The HOA Champion was Bob Woof. Click on the link to see all the details. 

​2018 Spring Yak Results, Click!

​​​​​​​​2017 Sumner August Shoot Results

Sumner Gun Club threw a great shoot, not to mention a great dinner, last weekend and the results are in. Bob Mclendon, Roy Watanabe, and Charles Stacey all broke 99s to top A class in Event #1. In Event #2 Handicap Gage Wade-Huber came out on top with a 93. In Doubles, Scott Moore broke a 99 to take A Class  and topped the charts.Joel Ball and Doug Reimers followed through on Sunday with a 99s in Event #4 Singles. Anders Ohlson broke the best score in Handicap Event #5 with a 94. The HOA Champion was Scott Moore with a 460 and Nate Teesdale trailing ever so slightly with a 459 to win HOA A class. Take a look at the results below to see all the winners!

​2017 Sumner Shoot Results, Click!

2017 Evergreen's Memorial Day Shoot Results

Last weekend Evergreen had their annual Memorial Day shoot, and it was great! The weather was perfect, the grass was trimmed, and the traps were flawless. Josh Tiegs, Rodger Tiegs, and Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Ron Hull battled it out for HOA. Josh edged them out to claim Champion HOA. Ron Hull won A class Event #1 singles with a 99. Stephen Cherry broke the top score in Event #2 handicap with a 94. Rodger Tiegs took A class doubles in Event #3 with a 98 while Josh Tiegs took Event #4 A class doubles with a 95. Joel Ball was high score with a 91 in Event #5's Handicap. Craig Levee won short yardage in Event #5 with a 89. Last but not least, Jess Mathews broke a 92 in Event #6 handicap to be the top dog. Great shooting everyone!

2017 Evergreen's Memorial Day Shoot Results, Click Here!

2018 Renton Bunker Schedule 2018

The 2018 Renton bunker shooting season is almost here! See Renton Fish and Game's shooting schedule for the upcoming year.

​2018 Renton Fish and Game's Bunker Schedule, Click!​

2017 Seattle Rifle and Pistol (Machias) End of April Shoot Results

Greg Miner digs deep at Seattle Rifle and Pistol! He won the Event #3 doubles and was Champion HOA. Susa Rankhorn won Lady in Event #1 Singles. Chuck Stacey had a great showing winning VT Singles and HOA A Class. Allen Burgy shot a 99 to Win A class Event #1 Singles. Andrew Gough broke a 92 in Event #2 Handicap to take top score. Great shooting everyone!​​

2017 Seattle Rifle and Pistol End of April Shoot Results, Click Here!

Ron Hull's 50,000th Target!

Last weekended Ron Hull celebrated his 50,000th thousand registered PITA target last weekend at Skagit's June Shoot. He received a certificate and belt buckle to celebrate the occasion. He also didn't shoot to shabby either, winning Event #4 A class with a 99 in singles. Congrats Ron! Skagit sure knows how to celebrate milestones!

Washington State PITA

Evergreen Sportmen's Club 4th of July Shoot

Both TJ Main and Stephen Cherry took home the magnums last weekend with some outstanding shooting. TJ broke back to back 97s from the 27 in Sunday/Monday's handicaps! In Event #1 Grant Lau broke a 100 to win A Class. Ray Thomas broke the top score in Event #2 Handicap with a 95. Dave Teesdale came out on top with a 94 in Event #3 doubles. Charles Stacy, Ray Thomas, and TJ Main all tied in Event #4 Singles with a 99. In Event #5 and #6 handicaps TJ Main broke his back to back 97s. Stephen Cherry won Short Yardage with a 96 in Event #5, he also won Event #2 Mid Yardage, Class C doubles, and HOA B class! Tina Wentworth took short yardage in Event #5 Handicap with a 93, while Susa Rankhorn took Event #6 Handicap Short yardage with a 90. In the last handicap Grant Lau broke the top score with a 90. A big thank you to Frank Greene, Roy Zimmerman, Craig Levee, John Gustafson, and Evergreen for their donations!

2017 Evergreen's 4th of July Shoot Results, Click!​

WSPITA And Lucky Eagle Casino Team Up!

The WSPITA and Lucky Eagle Casino are teaming up to offer great group rates for the 2018 Washington State Shoot! Only 20 rooms are available at $115 per night. Please contact Lucky Eagle Casino to reserve yours before they run out!

​Lucky Eagle Casino Reservations Click!​

2017 Evergreen Sportsmen's Club Spring Shoot 

Click the link below to view Evergreen Sportsmen's Club Spring shoot program!

Click Here to View!​​​

​​​​​2017 Black Diamond August Shoot Results

 Black Diamond's August shoot just wrapped up last week and the results are in! Great weather and awesome targets led to some great scores. The doubles league event was held on Friday where they shot 300 doubles targets. All trophies and winners were based on 200 targets. The HOA was TJ Main, he also won singles A, doubles A, and Long yardage handicap. Nice shooting! Rusty Bunn took A class HOA and B Doubles. Marion Dukes took HOA B class. Cliff Nelson Took HOA C Class. Great shooting everyone!

2017 Black Diamond August Shoot, Click!

​​​2017 Tacoma Sportsman's June Shoot Results

Tacoma's June shoot results are in. Scott Moore was our top dog winning the HOA Champion Buckle with a 286. He also shot the lone 99 to win B class in Event #1. Jennifer Anex and Art Fenton both shot 98s to top A class. Greg Parriott shot a 94 to win C. In Event #2 Handicap, Ron Hull got himself a yard with a 94 in long yardage. Pat Bare took down mid yardage with a 91 and Melinda Santillie won short yardage with a 90. In the last Event #3 doubles, John Mullins broke a 96 and won the coin flip to win A class doubles, Pat Bare took B class with a 92, and Mark Arnold topped C with a 86. Great shooting everyone!

​2017 Tacoma's June Shoot Results, Click!

​​​​​​​​2017 Poulsbo August Shoot

Poulsbo had a great turnout for their August shoot. The results are in and the HOA champion was Tom Rock with a 278! Great shooting! Roy Watanabe, Chuck Stacey, and HA Bales all broke 98s to top A Class singles. Shawn Stewart topped handicap with a 96. Don Bare was the top dog in doubles with a 95. Make sure to come out next year and enjoy the shoot!

​2017 Poulsbo August Shoot, Click!

​​New  2017 Tax Refund Shoot Results

Gig Harbor's Tax Refund Shoot results are in! Take a look at the link below to get details on all the winners and high scores! Congratulations to Charles Stacey and Grant Lau for breaking the top scores in A class with 97s In Event #1. Le Rodenberg, Jim Landon, and Curtis Baker had 98s to top B class! While Mark Levine won C with a 92. Angelo Herrera broke a 93 in Event #2 Handicap to win the handicap. William Benton and Mark Levine were both R/U with 90s. Josh Tiegs topped doubles with a 97. Scott Moore broke a 279 to win HOA. Great Shooting! 

Click Here to View!​​​

Amazing Youth Turnout At Pheasants Forever Event!

Last weekend at Fort Lewis, Pheasants Forever put on one heck of an event for youth shooters. Over 130 Jr. shooters participated in a sporting clays event that lasted all day including lunch. Special thanks to Tom Hunt for all his hard work helping with the event and also promoting PITA at the shoot.

2018 Old Skagit March Shoot

Some great scores up at Old Skagit over the weekend! David McCallum shot a 298 out of 300 to take the top spot, great shooting! Don Meece took the lead in doubles with a 98. In handicap, Joe Turner, Don Meece, and Dennis Macy all broke 93s to top the charts. Don Meece was HOA with a 482. Great shooting shooters!

​2018 Old Skagit Shoot Results, Click!​

2017 Evergreen April Shoot Results

Ron Hull cleans up at Evergreen's April Shoot this year! He won the HOA and singles B class on Saturday.​​ Charles Stacey Broke a 99 in singles on Saturday to top the board and take A class. Paul Moore and Jim Landon both broke 91s to win Event #2 Handicap. Joel Ball broke a 99 in singles on Sunday to win B class. Rick Beach, George Lesuer, Loran Crumrine, and William Benton all tied to get a 1/2 yard in Event #5 Handicap. Congrats to all winners!

2017 Evergreen April Shoot Results, Click Here!

2017 Evergreen's Labor Day Shoot

The results are in for Evergreen's Labor Day Shoot. Take a look at the attached scores below to see all the winners! Big thanks to ServPro and Genuine Auto Glass for supporting not only this shoot, but our website.

2017 Evergreen's Larbor Day Shoot Results, Click!

Skagit's June Shoot Results Are In!

In Event #1 Greg Miner shot a 100 to top B class. He also followed this up with a 96 in Event #2 handicap to win champion and got a punch. Don Meece broke a 98 to top Event #3's doubles. Ron Hull, Pat Bare, and Herb Lehfeldt broke 99's in Event #4 Singles to win A, B, and C. Steve Jungquist was our top dog in Event #5 handicap and received a punch. Don Meece also broke a 98 to win A class doubles in Event #6. The HOA was Art Moore. Congratulations!

2017 Skagit's June Shoot Results, Click!​

2018 Evergreen's President's Day Shoot Results

 The results are in, take a look at the results for the Evergreen's President's Day shoot.

​2018 President's Day Shoot, Click!​

2017 Old Skagit December Shoot

One of the last shoots of the year had an amazing turnout at Old Skagit. With 50 shooters for the singles and 47 in the handicap, that is tough to beat. 

In Event # 1 singles Tom Rock, Dave McCallum, and Joe Scheef all broke 96s to win A Class. Charles Manning took B with the high score of 98. Mike Ramsay and John Shaulis both broke 95s to take C and D class respectively. In the Event #2 Handicap, Gordon Kelley broke the top score of 93 to take Champion. Jamie Nicholls took short yardage trophy with a 92. Last but not least, Mike Ganzini and Fred Coates both broke 88s to tie long yardage. Dale Kapeluck was the HOA with a 185. Great shooting! 

Old  Skagit wanted to send out a special thank you to Everett Sportsman's Warehouse for being a big supporter.

​2017 Old Skagit December Shoot, Click!

2017-2018 All Stars

A big congratulations to the WA Shooters who made it on the All Star team this year. Making the All Star team takes great skill and dedication and the Shooters listed below surely gave it their all.

TOP FIVE ALL STARS        John Mullins in 5th     @ .9608 avg.
SECOND LADIES TEAM    Jennifer Anex 1st       @ .8874 avg.

ELDER TEAM                     Art Fenton in 3rd        @ .9124 avg. 
SENIOR TEAM                   John Cushing in 2nd  @ .9208 avg.
                                            Grant Lau in 3rd         @ . 9140 avg.

FIRST JR TEAM                 Joshua Tiegs in 2nd    @ .9289 avg.

SUB JR TEAM                    Angelo Herrera in 4th  @ .8607 avg.

Mary-Jane Kirkendall

Our hearts go out to the Kirkendall family after hearing about Mary-Jane’s passing yesterday August 30th. She was a longtime supporter of trapshooting, WSPITA secretary, treasurer, and dedicated cashier. She will be missed by everyone. Her warm smile at the cashier’s desk, first thing in the morning, will not be forgotten.

Services for Mary-Jane will be held at the Mt. Tahoma Cemetery, in Kent, on Tuesday September 5th at 11:15am. The address of the cemetery is 18600 SE 240th St. Kent, Washington. There will be a celebration of life held at Kevin Webster’s house following the services at 3:00pm. The address is 3244 Anderson Rd. SE. Port Orchard, Washington.

Mike Rinard

It's with a heavy heart that we learned that Mike Rinard passed away over the weekend. Mike was a great shot, and best known for being the founder and owner of Post 4 Optics. We lost a great shooter and supporter of the game we all love. We wish his family the best during this difficult time.

​​New  2017 Bellingham Memorial Buckle Results

Dave McCallum cleans house at Bellingham! He broke 99 in Event #1 Singles to win A class, broke a 90 to win Long Yardage, and a 282 to win HOA. Mike King broke a 97 to win B class singles, Herb Lehfeldt hit a 94 to take C class and Cary Cartmill broke a 92 to win D class. Thomas Holsworth hit a 93 to take the Champion Buckle in Event #2 handicap. In doubles Don Meece broke a 92 to take A class, while Tom Rock broke a 94 to win B Class. C class was won with a 91 by Rod May. Congrats to all winners at Bellingham!

Click Here to View!​​​

2017 Kenmore's Seahawks Bye Week Shoot Results

Kenmore Bye Week Shoot had perfect weather for a fall shoot, sunny and no wind we had lots of great scores including a 5 way shoot off in B class singles with 97's. Scott Moore and William Benton post 96 and 95's to take A and B Class doubles with Mike O'Malley winning in a shoot off for C class doubles.

Dave McCallum won the coin toss for A class singles with a 99. Bob Davis took B with a 97 in a 5 way shoot off! John Clifford took C with a 97 and Joseph Rinaldi took D with a 92. Jim Storlie took home the Handicap Championship with a 93 and received a punch!  Scott Moore was HOA Champion.  Thank you to all of the shooters who came out and made for a fun day at Kenmore!

Kenmore would also like to thank its sponsors: DJ's Sporting Goods in Bothell, O'Malley Brothers Construction in Edmonds, and United Recycling Inc Seattle.  

​2017 Kenmore's Seahawks Bye Week Shoot Results, Click!​

2018 Washington PITA High Average Team

The 2018 Washington PITA High Average team has been announced. Just take a look at the link below. Congratulations to all shooters who made the team!

​2018 Washington PITA High Average Team, Click!​

2017 Washington State Shoot Champions!

State Champion Singles: ​Jeff Nostron (199 S/O)

State Handicap Champion: Andrew Gough (95)

State Doubles Champion: Josh Tiegs (97 S/O)
State HOA: Gage Wade-Huber 946

​State HAA: ​Tim Hodges 381

Updated Continental League Final

The continental league concluded with a banquet last Sunday at Evergreen Gun Club. John Mullins took HOA with an impressive average. Congratulations to all the winners and hopefully everyone had a great time. Can't wait for next year! Click the link below to be directed to the Continental League's website to view all the results from prior weeks.

Click Here to View!​​​

New  2017 Kenmore Results

Congratulations to all winners at this years Emerald City Championships. Event #1's handicap was topped by Jess Mathews with a 91 with both Joel Ball and Chuck Stacey breaking 87s to win long/medium yardage. Jon Thompson, Roy Watanabe, Jennifer Anex, and Joel Ball all broke top scores of 98 in Event #2 singles. Mark Levine broke a 94 to win Short Yardage with a 94. William Benton was High Overall Champion with a score of 277.  

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Updated 5/7/18 ​​​​​​Current 2017 Washington State Magnums Status
Click the link below to view the current status of our Washington State Magnums

Current Magnum Payout, Click Here!​​

Doubles League Schedule, Click Here!

*****State Shoot Program, Click Here!*****

2018 Black Diamond's Beginning of Summer Shoot

Black Diamonds June Shoot program is now out. The shoot will take place starting on June 1st through the 3rd. Be sure to click the link below to find out more. WSPITA Doubles League will also be taking place that Friday!

​2018 Black Diamond's Beginning of Summer Shoot program, Click!​

​​​2017 Renton Fish and Game Club Bunker Schedule

Trapshooters, have you ever wanted to shoot Olympic bunker? Our friends at Renton Fish and Game have posted their new bunker schedule for 2017. Nothing is more fun and challenging than shooting true international targets!

Click Here to View!​​​

**Final Doubles League Results **

The Doubles League just ended and the results are in. Click on the link below to be taken to the final results. Congratulations to Rodger Tiegs taking HOA, Greg Miner A class, Doug Reimers B class, Cliff Nelson C class, and Mark Peterson D class. A big thank you to all the shooters, gun clubs, and supports that helped make it a great year!

​2017 Doubles League Results, Click!​

 ​​​​​​March Seattle Trap And Skeet Shoot Results!

Click the link below view Seattle Trap and Skeet Shoot results! William Benton won HOA. Chuck Stacey broke the top score in event #1 singles. Angelo Herrera broke a 92 and won Short yardage in event #2. Grant Lau won A class doubles with a 97 in event #3 doubles. Dan Canalini and Richard Fulton both broke 97s in event #4 singles to win B and C class respectively. Last but not least, Aaron Knutz and William Benton both broke a 90 to top event #5's handicap. Congratulations to all winners! 

Click Here to View!​​​

Congratulations Washington Shooters @Oregon State Shoot!

Washington was represented very well this year at the state shoot. In the first event Art Fenton Shot a 100 to take Elder singles. In Event #3 Lee Bailey took Senior (90) and Art took elder (95). Lee also took Event #4 senior doubles with an 89. In the Champion Ship Singles,  Art Fenton shot a 199. Jess Mathews broke a 93 in the Championship Handicap to top O/S. Scott Moore broke a 97 to top O/S in the Doubles Championship. Scott also Won O/S Championship A class Singles and Champion O/S HAA. Curtis Baker topped O/S B Class in both Championship Singles and Doubles. Curtis was also O/S Handicap Champion Runner-up in the Championship Handicap. Great shooting Washington Shooters! 

2018 Combined Sumner & Gig Harbor Tax Refund Shoot

Great turnout for this one of kind shoot this year! Both clubs threw 300 birds each with combined added money. Starting off in Sumner, Art Fenton topped Event #1 singles with a 99 to win A Class. Things were a bit tougher in Handicap with Anders Ohlson topping the charts with a 88 in Event #2. Josh Tiegs took A class doubles in Event #3. He was also HOA at Sumner with a 277/300.

The following day at Gig Harbor, Josh Tiegs again came out on top with Bob Dickenson both shooting 99s in Event #1 singles. Brayden Lee-Hines and Mark Rensi both took the lead in Event #2 handicap shooting 93s. In Event #3 doubles, Doug Reimers was top dog with a 92. The HOA winner at Gig Harbor was Brayden Lee-Hines with a 275/300. Check the link below for all the details!

​2018 Gig Harbor & Sumner's Tax Refund Shoot Results, Click!

2018 Youth Fund

The 2018 shooting season is quickly approaching and the WSPITA could use your help. We are trying to gather enough resources to sustain the 2018 youth shooting fund for the upcoming year. Unfortunately, we are a coming up short and are in danger of being unable to offer the program this year.  We don’t want that to happen! 

​With today’s prices, it’s tough to support one shooter in the household let alone a family. This program eases the load with providing reduced costs, shells, trophies, and extra prizes for up and coming youth shooters. We hope you will consider supporting the youth program and making a donation in its name, anything helps.

Donations can be made out to WSPITA and mailed to:
Art Fenton
15204 118th Ave NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98329

2018 Emerald City Championships (Kenmore) Results

Emerald City Championship turned out to be a blustery day with a little wind and rain on and off all day. With 46 competitors shooting singles, handicap and doubles. The scoring was still very good.

Jon Thompson and Ken Evans both shot 98's for A and B class wins, Dave Mitchell C class 90 and Jeff Dornes D class 93, this was Jeff's first win ever!! But Jeff was not done as he took C class Doubles and D class HOA as well, good shooting Jeff! 

Handicap Champion was Ken Evans 92,  2nd place Suza Rankhorn 91 and 3rd place  Andrew Gough 90 posted

Doubles was when the fun began as the wind was swirling, Rich Evans 93 was A class winner, Mike O'Malley 87 was B class and Jeff Dornes 87 C class. Even with the weather the way it was the shoot turned out to be good one! 

Kenmore would like to thank its sponsors: United Recycling, O'Malley Brothers Construction, DJ's Sporting Goods,  JD Angiuli and John Gustafson Insurance

​2018 Emerald City Championships (Kenmore) Results, Click!​

2018 Walla Walla Silver Eagle Shoot Shoot Results

The shoot results for Walla Walla are in. Great to see Walla Walla having more PITA shoots, it is an awesome place to shoot! Take a look at the results below.

​2018 Walla Walla Silver Eagle Shoot Results, Click!​

2018 Upcoming May Programs!

See the programs below for the upcoming May Shoots! 

2018 Bremerton Gold Mountain Open, Click! (May 19th-20th)

2018 Evergreen Memorial Day Shoot, Click! (May 26th-28th)

September Old Skagit Shoot Results

While it took a little while to get the results, the wait was worth it. During Event #1 handicap, David McCallum broke a 99 to claim the champion trophy. That 99, broken from the 25 yard line was also one of the top scores to ever be broken at the club! Don Reimers broke a 93 to claim Short Yardage, Fred Coates broke a 94 to win Mid Yardage and, Don Meece broke a 92 to claim long Yardage. In Event #2 91 was the top score broken by Gary Cooper, Carlos Sardinha, Luben Izov, and Corey Boileau. HOA was David McCallum. Great Shooting!  

​2017 September Old Skagit Results, Click!​

2018 Seattle Skeet & Trap March Shoot Results

The shoot results for Seattle Trap and Skeet are in. Take a look below to see the full results. Some highlights are: Dave Sypher breaking a 100 in Event #1 Singles to win A Class, J.D. Angiuli broke a 95 in Event #2 Handicap to win mid yardage, and Chuck Stacey was the HOA Champion with a 542. Click on the link to see all the details. 

​2018 SST March Results, Click!​

​2016 PITA AllStars List is Out!

Congratulations to our Washington AllStars!

John Mullins, AllStar Captain

Rodger Tiegs, Mens 2nd Team

Jennifer Anex, Ladies 2nd Team

​Art Fenton, Elder Team

Grant Lau, Veteran Team

Josh Tiegs, Junior Team

Gage Wade-Huber, Sub-junior Captain

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The 125 Club!

The 125 Squads keep growing! Last week at Skagit's June Shoot, another squad all broke 25 straight in singles. From left to right: Les Butler, David Leung, Tim Hasted, Greg Miner, and Art Moore. Awesome shooting guys!

2017 Washington State Shoot Champions R/U!

State Champion Singles R/U: John Klingele (199 S/O)
State Handicap Champion R/U: Glen Lowrie (94)
State Doubles Champion R/U: Gary Hammons (97 S/O)

​​​​​President's Day Shoot At Evergreen!

Congratulations to Charles Stacey winning the HOA. He was also high A class in singles, and long yardage handicap on both days! Greg Miner won HOA A class, Robert Dickinson HOA B and Brayden Lee-Hines C class. Click below for the results! 

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Way To Go Cabela's! Supporting Youth Shooters

2017 Washington State PITA winner Angelo Herrera with his replacement Browning CX O/U Shotgun, donated by Cabela's of Lacey Washington.  When Angelo went to the Grand to represent Washington State in the Annual Rookie of the Year PITA Shoot at the Pacific Grand in Spokane, the most unfortunate thing happened at the first event...his rib separated from the barrel. He returned to Cabela's in Lacey where the great folks at Cabela's rather than take the gun back for a factory warranty repair, immediately replaced it on the spot for Angelo. Special thanks to Ed and Dillon at Cabela's Gun Library for Helping Angelo, pictured above. Now that is service and support for the youth shooting community from the great folks at Cabela's.